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Our Position:  Leave Our No Wake Zone Alone

Our primary concern squarely focuses on safety.  For decades, people have embraced the idea that you can enjoy Scenic Bay from a canoe, paddleboat, kayak, rowboat, and other small craft without fear of being run over or swamped by the wake of a boat.  Small craft often venture out in calm weather, and are without the means to move out of the way of fast moving boats or hazardous waves.  On crowded weekends and holidays, the bay becomes congested and collisions are likely without the safety of maintaining the current wake zone.

"Please don't make waves"

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Updated 23 Jul 2011


The Scenic Bay no wake buoys were deployed on 22 Jul 2011!

Much credit for the success of this project is deserved for the effort given by:  Chuck Waller, Gary MacDonald and Mike Maxson.  If there are any questions please direct them to:  Chuck Waller (208) 683-2389, Gary MacDonald (208) 683-2211, Mike Maxson (208) 449-1180.  

Thank You, Chuck Waller

Agendas and Minutes for the Parks & Waterways Advisory Board

Budgets for Kootenai County, Idaho

Floating Lemonade Stand

A Couple Rowing

FACTS to assist our friends
*The distance from the 200 boundary at the boat launch docks
to the no wake zone boundary is 7 tenths (7/10) of a mile.  
Source:  GPS and official chart

*There are currently three (3) buoys and two shore markers
defining the no wake zone boundary. 
Source:  Visual inspection

*The average water depth of all buoys, both existing and missing,
is approximately 326 feet.
Source:  Sonar and official chart

A Kayaker Kids Swimming Man Floating

Letters contributed by concerned citizens
(Please keep them coming!)

Chairman of No Wake Zone Committee, Bayview Chamber of Commerce

Fire Chief Krill
"At their September 16, 2009 meeting, the Board of Commissioners for the Timberlake Fire Protection District
unanimously endorsed the letter I sent on September 14, 2009 and fully support maintaining the no wake zone in Scenic Bay."
Bayview Community Council letter #1 Bayview Community Council letter #2
Herb Huseland Gary MacDonald

Linda Hackbarth

Sheryl Puckett John O'Sickey Ray Kyer
Marcelle Richman Jamie Berube Harvey Brannigan
David Tomberg Bayview Bob Buzz Daldos
Chad Cadnum Jim Wargo Stanis Deery
Marianne Connelly Robert and Korinne Wolf Becky McFarland
Jeffery Douglass Dave Naccarato Bob Elmer
Jim Schroder

Rich & Shelby Ronnestad

Norma Jean Knowles
Lawrence Killingsworth

Dawn Stoner

Janice Trout and John Land
Dennis Tonhofer

Kandi and Boyd Johnson

Suanne Dedmon
Brad and Linda Barron

Dick and Prudy Heimsch

Ronald Bockstruck
Angela and Rob Brooke

Bob Kay

Rebecca Vellucci
Karl-Erik Andreasson

Ruth Pratt and Paul Olscamp

Thomas Smith
Mike Coogan

Jim Burcham

Mike Lee
Ray Newcombe

J Marc Wass

Jeanette Baldridge
John and Sandy Beaunaux

Paul & Patsy Morton

Bruce & Judy Robinson
K Clark

Bill Reichert

Rosemary Brennan

Margaret Nelson


Thanks to all who are giving their time to write regarding this important issue
and additionally to those who have voiced their support.

*Nautical flags above say "NO WAKE"

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